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Welcome to Adelfi

Our platform empowers trend-setting brands to showcase their products and create lasting connections with sororities across the United States. We offer a premium, curated shopping experience for sororities and a family of enthusiastic returning customers for brands.

Sisterhood is a powerful thing.

At Adelfi, we understand that college campuses are bustling hubs of trendsetters and influencers. Sororities, in particular, are centers of style that radiate influence across the entire student body. Through our network, your brand has the opportunity to transcend the traditional shopper-brand relationship and build lifelong bonds with this vibrant and influential demographic.

What We Offer


Amplified Presence

Adelfi provides the opportunity to present your brand's finest offerings to a captive audience of fashion-forward young women. Our partners capitalize on the spending power and influence of sorority women to drive sales and enhance brand visibility and recognition.


Exclusive Offerings

Adelfi is focused on making a difference for both brands and sororities. Through carefully crafted exclusivity, our platform facilitates a win-win situation that builds lasting relationships and fosters brand loyalty.


Curated Selection

Adelfi features only a few select brands on our platform. By hand selecting companies to work with, we cater to the needs and lifestyle of sorority sisters and remain relevant and attractive to our members.


Simple Process

Adelfi's platform is easy to implement with our one-step process powered by Shopify. After this step is complete, Adelfi handles all additional marketing to sororities. Not on Shopify? We tailor our service to meet every brand's specific needs.

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Pre-Launch Opportunity

Be a pioneer in transforming campus fashion and beauty experiences. Join us in our pre-launch phase to enjoy exclusive benefits, including priority consideration for our curated brand list and tailored marketing opportunities. Don't miss out on being part of the Adelfi revolution from the very beginning.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

Seize the chance to redefine your brand's presence on college campuses. Join Adelfi and become a beacon of style, sophistication, and innovation for sororities nationwide. Together, we'll set new trends and establish lasting connections that extend far beyond the classroom.

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